GCC Course (3xxx/5xxx) Proposals

Courses within the Grand Challenge Curriculum (GCC) address important global and societal issues through solution-oriented, interdisciplinary approaches to learning. Each GCC course is co-taught by a team of instructors who bring their unique perspectives to the Grand Challenge. Strong GCC courses:

  • Provide students the unique opportunity to observe and participate in conversations around the grand challenge that leverage the distinct disciplinary lenses and personal backgrounds brought by instructors and fellow students.
  • Engage students in group work and discussions to leverage the diverse student body. Strong GCC courses build the Classroom to Community Workshop into their syllabi. The workshop provides student groups the opportunity to receive formative feedback from internal and external reviewers.
  • Challenge students to grapple with issues for which there are no “right” answers.
  • Empower students to bring their perspectives and ideas in order to shape possible solutions or approaches to the grand challenges.
  • Allow students the opportunity to brainstorm, receive feedback and revise their ideas in response to feedback.

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